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Our name pays homage to those rare individuals in the casinos of the world known as "right way bettors." Right way bettors understand that they are playing a game of chance and that their job is to put the odds of winning in their favor. Right way bettors understand that entertainment is not the goal of speculation. Right way bettors understand that all of the flashing lights, free drinks and scantily clad cocktail waitresses are there to lure them into making impulsive decisions that will ultimately part a fool and his money.

While we understand that there are differences between Wall Street and “The Strip”, we think that it’s important for investors and traders to not overlook the similarities.

Successful investing and trading is a game of odds. It involves speculation – taking on risk in the hope of greater returns. You’ve got to know your risk and address it squarely.

Successful investing requires keeping your head when those around you are losing theirs.

At Right Way Trader, we keep it simple. Our goal is to help you keep it simple too by providing powerful but easy to use tools that are founded on time-tested principles of successful investing and trading.

In a storm, you don’t want to be asking yourself which lifeboat you should jump into. You need to have a plan in advance. It’s the same with investing and trading. The real money is made or lost in moments of crisis. You need to know what you’re doing before those moments arrive. We’re here to help.